The Group offers one-stop solution for variety of yarn requirements of the leading customers in Pakistan and in the international markets. Saif Group offers widest range of specialized …

Melange Yarn

Saif Textile focus on the supply of – top dyed mélange yarn keeping in view latest trends & fashion, care for environment and technology.’



ہم دنیا بھر کی فارما سپیوپیس جیسا کہ بی پی سی، یو ایس سی پی ، آر پی سی اور جے پی سی کے مطابق 100% کپاس ریشہ (کاٹن فائبر) برآمد کر رہے ہیں . ہماری موجودہ پیداواری صلاحیت 5500 ٹن سالانہ ہے جس میں ہم جرمن اور اٹالین ٹیکنالوجی استعمال کر کے 70% تک کا اضافہ کر رہے ہیں .


Saif Textile Mills Ltd (STM), a Public Listed Company on the Karachi Stock Exchange commenced commercial production on 1st January 1992. It is principally engaged in the manufacture & sale of Compact Cotton & Synthetic Yarn

Saif Textiles has Pakistan’s largest installation of Rieter Com4 Spinning K–44 ring frames for manufacturing Compact Yarn, and is a pioneer in the manufacture of premium yarns for the Italian luxury shirting sector.

Give our shareholders a competitive return on their investment through market leadership, sustainable business growth and sound financial management.

Performance Textile

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