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Saif Textile Mills Ltd (STM), a Public Listed Company on the Karachi Stock Exchange commenced commercial production on 1st January 1992. It is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of Compact Cotton and Synthetic Yarns. Saif Textiles is uniquely positioned towards various segments of the market offering a diverse product line to fulfill demands of customers worldwide for multiple end-uses including Denim, Apparel, Shirting, Home Textile and Technical Fabrics. We process the finest Egyptian (GIZA) and US (PIMA) raw material for Italian luxury brands. We have developed a loyal customer base in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East with over 50 % of our production being exported to these regions. Saif Textiles has Pakistan’s largest installation of Rieter Com4 Spinning K–44 ring frames for manufacturing Compact Yarn, and is a pioneer in the manufacture of premium yarns for the Italian luxury shirting sector.

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Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited

Salahuddin Saif & Aslam

Machinery List (Unit # 01, 02 & 03)
Department STM # 1 STM # 2 STM # 3
Blow Room Crosrol Crosrol -
China China China
- Rierter Rieter
Trutzschler Trutzschler Trutzschler
Mixing Machine - China -
Contamination Sorter - Jossi Vision Shield SP FPU/Jossi Vision Sheild
Card Trutzschler DK-740, DK-760 Trutzschler DK-830 ,  DK-930 -
 Saurer-JSC 328A Rieter C-51 Rieter C-51, C-70
- Crosrol MK5 Crosrol MK-5D
Draw Frame China TMFD81S Toyoda DYH-500C , DX-8 -
Toyoda DX8-LT,  Cherry DX-500 -
Reiter RSB-D22 Rieter SB-D15 Rieter SB D15, D22, D45
Reiter RSB-D30 Reiter RSB-D30, D35 Reiter RSB-D30, D35, 
- - Rieter RSB-D40, D45
Comber - Rieter E-62 Rieter E-62
Lap Former - Rieter E-32 Rieter E-32
Simplex Toyoda FL-16 Toyoda FL-16 Toyoda FL-100, Zinser 668
Ring Frame - FA-502 Compact , Non Compact -
F-1520 A Compact F-1518 Compact , Non Compact -
FA-503 FA-503 -
EJM-178 Compact EJM-178 Compact -
- Best China Best 562M compact
- Rieter K-44 Rieter K-44 compact
Stretch - Chinese Pinter
Slub/Injection Slub Chinese  Chinese & Amsler -
Auto-Coner Savio Polar Savio Orien M800 Savio Orion M
Savio Espero Schalafhorst X-5 -
- Schalafhorst 338 -
- Murata Q-Pro Muratic Q-Pro
Yarn Clearers Loepfe Zenit+DF Loepfe Zenit+ Loepfe Zenit, Zenit+DF
- Loepfe Zenit FC5 -
Loepfe TK-930 Loepfe TK-940F Loepfe TK-930S, TK-940F
Conditioning  Manual China OBEM Xorella (Contexor)
Doubling Ring Doubling TFO (Volkmann Saurer)
Machinery List (Dye House)
Department Description
Soft Winding SSM
Cake Press Sunwin, Texlink
Dyeing Go-Front, Thies, Ugolini,Noya, Riaz Engineering
Hydro Extractor Sunwin, Go-Front, Dettin.
Dryer Sunwin, Stalam,GBR, MPM, CVT.
Bale Press Rafiq Engineering
Hard Winding Savio, Muratec, China
Compressor Boge
Dyeing Lab Dyeing Machine, Spectrophotometer, Crock Meter, TDS Meter, Light Box, Laundrometer, Friction tester, Lux meter, Humidifier, Knitting Machine, 
Packing Strapping Machine
Waste Processing Plant BE,SRS, GBR, RSK, Willow Openning, LVS, China Penja, Bale Press
Effulent Water Treatment Plant DO Meter, pH Meter,