Dyed Yarn

stock-photo-56420098-assorted-colors-of-rolled-yarnSaif Textile – Yarn Dyeing Unit started its production in September 2015 to meet requirements of its niche customers with our wide range of products.
The Yarn Dyeing Unit is equipped with state of the art machinery from Thiese Germany with highly automated dyeing operations, automatic dyestuff and chemical dispensing systems with production capacity around 5 Tons/day. All dyeing machines are equipped with SETEX controllers which are networked with central control room from where each yarn dyeing machine is remotely controlled / monitored. The dyeing lab is equipped with an automatic lab dispensing machine from DATA COLOR, Yarn dyeing shades are electronically measured by using state of the art spectrophotometer.

Product Range:

All types of yarns like 100% Cotton, Polyester/Cotton, 100% Spun Polyester, Bamboo, Coolmax, Acrylic, Modal, Tencel, Viscose, Silk and other customized blends ranging from Ne 10/1 to Ne 120/1.



zoom-40430134-3Dyeing Types:

We can offer yarns with

Reactive Dyeing

Disperse Dyeing

Reactive / Disperse Dyeing

VAT Dyeing

VAT / Disperse Dyeing



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Machinery Details:

Please note machinery details of our yarn dyeing plant:

3 vessels of Thiese, Germany.

Vessel Sizes: 40kg, 60kgs, 110 kgs, 650 kgs & 910 kgs.

RF dryer from Stalam, Italy.

Soft winding from SSM, Switzerland.

Rewinding from Corghi, Italy.

                                                                              Splicer from Mesdan, Italy.

                                                                              Dyeing Production software from Orgatex.