Saif Textile Mills Ltd (STM) has three independent production units at the factory site 120 km west of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is one of few largest fancy yarns manufacturing company in Pakistan. Our passion for fancy yarn has made us a trendsetter in this industry. We are constantly searching throughout the world to find ideas for new yarns, with various cottons & fibers to lead the industry with our innovative and top quality products.

Saif Textile Mills can deliver yarns fully palletized, as well as Soft wound yarn on Dye/Perforated plastic cones with the option of 4° 20’ and 0° cylindrical cone angles. All yarns are Automatically Palletized  (Sangrato, Italy), Sequentially contamination controlled – Joss Vision Shield and Loptex, Loepfe Zenit Yarn cleared.

Compact & Ring spun yarns

We can make Ne 10/1 (both carded and combed) to Ne 200/1 combed (All Compact).

Slub yarns

We can offer slub yarns with cotton as well as with any of the man made fibers available with us.

Corespun & Dual Core yarns

We are offering corespun yarns with Lycra and Spandex ranging from Ne 16/1 to Ne 60/1.

2 ply & 3 ply yarns

We can supply 2 ply and 3 ply yarns ranging from Ne 10/2 to Ne 200/2.

Zero Twist & Hollow Core yarns

We can also offer Zero Twist & Hollow Core yarns for towels ranging from Ne 10/1 to Ne 30/1 with 100% Cotton, Bamboo/cotton and Modal/cotton blends using PVA and Solucell filaments.

Siro Yarns

From Ne 10/1 carded and combed to Ne 60/1 combed compact. It could be 100% Cotton OR Polyester/Cotton blend OR with dyed and raw white rovings to have moulline effect.

We make yarns for following segments



Upholstry & Tapestry

Denim & Bottom Wear

Bed Sheeting


Technical & Performance Textile