We are Exporting 100% cotton fibre according to the according to the world wide pharmacopoeias as BPC, USCP, RPC and JPC. Our existing production capacity is 5500 Ton/annum, which we are going to increase by 70% with German & Italian technology. We believe that the sustainable business is possible only with quality products at competitive pricing. That is the reason we are offering the product of the highest quality at the mot competitive price through our highly qualified, professional & proven working experience team members.

We are making it possible because 

  1. We are using our own spinning waste fibres where we are strictly preventing the foreign contamination dusting the spinning process, collection & transportation in the Bleachery.
  2.  We have our own waste fibre recycling plant where we are making excellent customized fibre.
  3. We have naturally excellent water quality which helps us to make outstanding fibre quality every economically.
  4. Our R&D dedicated teams always remain in progress based on valued customer’s feedback and international market exposure.

Upcoming Events 


Please come and meet Team Saif Textile Mills Ltd, at our booth # 643….

Specialized unique customized “SAIF FIBER” sale share is increasing day by day Exclusively for Spun-lace/Hydro-entangled line developed “ SAIF SPUN”  is granted not only foreign contaminations free but also give higher spun-lace fabric strength & softness with comparative less kinetic energy.